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The many warehouses and storefronts in Detroit's Eastern Market provide the canvass for tagging as well as commissioned murals, and the site of a festival of new murals in fall 2015.
Eastern Market D2-251609zEastern Market Alley 2D-151605 BWzEastern Market D2-251607zEastern Market S1270zEastern Market S1326zEastern Market S1264zEastern Market S1284zEastern Market S1274zEastern Market S1333zEastern Market S1327zEastern Market S1324zEastern Market S1319zEastern Market S1318zEastern Market S1313zEastern Market S1311zEastern Market S1310zEastern Market S1306zEastern Market S1304zEastern Market S1300zEastern Market S1291z

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