Andrea Canter | All Natural Materials
Created 2-Oct-17
13 photos

An extension of previous "Botanicals" calendar, All Natural Materials includes representational and abstract images from the natural world of flowers, trees, plants, stone, landscape, etc -- these are all natural materials as the camera found them... and as the photographer interpreted them. All images available as prints (5x7, 8 x10, 11 x 14) from
Cover: Yosemite, Mariposa GroveJanuary: Double SolsticeFebruary: Blue IceMarch: Decay and RebirthApril: AmaryllisenseMay: SanctuaryJune: Blue Twilight, Harriet MarshJuly: PetaluminousAugust: Siesta LakeSeptember: CallatudeOctober: Translation IINovember: Garden of CambriaDecember: Glacial Inversion

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