Andrea Canter | 2012 Detroit Jazz Festival
Created 6-Oct-12
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The 2012 Detroit Jazz Festival (August 31-September 3) was the biggest and best ever, from the legendary Sonny Rollins to young rising star Alfredo Rodriguez.
1Detroit Jazz Festival 124548fAlfredo Rodriquez 124372fBrian Blade (Wayne Shorter Qt) 124493fCharles McPherson 123596fChick Corea  (Corea & Burton)123768fClarence Penn (Gregoire Maret) 123049fCraig Taborn (Uncle June) 123874fDanilo Perez (Wayne Shorter Qt) 124504 BWfDave Douglas (Soundprints)124122CfDave Douglas&Joe Lovano Soundprints 124255fDezron Douglas (Louis Hayes)123151fDonny McCaslin 124905fDonny McCaslin Quartet 124899fEllery Eskelin with Gary Versace 123341fEric McPherson (Fred Hersch Trio) 124076fFred and Tia Fuller 124772fFred Hersch 124063fFred hersch Trio 124110fGary Burton (Corea & Burton) 123827fGary Versace  (Ellery Eskelin Trio) 123323f

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